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Is the Housing Market Back? Ask Lowes & Home Depot!

A recent Bloomberg Business article reports that both Lowes & Home Depot experienced fourth quarter profits that beat revenue projections by the most in six quarters.  So what does that mean to the housing market? …read more 

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How To Paint Your Home’s Exterior Walls

When preparing to sell a home, few things improve its curb appeal more than a fresh coat of exterior paint.

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Tips For Selling Your Home In The Colder Winter Months

Make a good impression on home buyers this winter.

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Simple Fixes To Help Your Home Sell More Quickly

A few simple ways to help make your home more buyer-ready.

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Selling? Improve The Appearance Of Your Home’s Bathrooms.

Inexpensive ways to spruce up bathrooms in a home for sale.

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Help Your Pets Adjust To Your New Home

Tips to ease your pets’ transition to a new home

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Choosing “Green Homes”

For environmentally-conscious homeowners wanting to minimize their footprint and their energy bills, there are four areas upon which to focus.

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How To Make An Emergency Preparedness Kit For Your Home

Every home should maintain a ready, working emergency kit for when disaster strikes. Here is what to do.

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Fixing Up An Historic Home : The Three Rs

Restoration, Renovation, and Repair — the three Rs of fixing up an historic home.

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How To Install A Water Heater Jacket

Homeowners can save up to 9% per year on water heating costs with a properly-fitted water heater jacket.

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